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Чета потянуло на English. So, Larry Crowne – a story how to change your life

One summer day we decided to watch that Larry, which had been advertised so hard.
Some time earlier we had such a wonderful meal so no bad movie could spoil our great mood.

Few words about the plot. A hero (Larry Crowne – Tom Hanks) was thrown out from his position as a store assistant after years working as a best worker in a big box. The reason why he was sent home is he had not being graduated neither from a college nor form university.

Naturelly immediately after that he was asked to pay his mortage. But he was not able to pay, the prices had dropped down and the time had changed.

And following an advice of a friend he decided to enter collage. He chose several objects and among them – orator’s skill and communication. This subject was tought by a professor (Julia Roberts) who had her own difficulties with her life. She hated her work, her boyfriend and herself.

A typical middle age crisis for both heroes was delivered with a tiny and delicate irony by the director of this movie Tom Hanks.

How to change your life and how to improve your life - the answers for both of these questions are opened in this movie. And these questions are not the questions of the forty-years people. Not only. These questions for everybody who cares for his/her present life, and for the future.

We enjoyed the movie. Very much. Tom Hanks is a genius. His play is so thin and artistic, he is so truthful.

Friends, wish you enjoy the movie as we did.
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